Magnet Tool Holding Arm Band – TSP Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. Wow… would of never thought of this…what a great idea. I do use magnets to hold my screws and there is a magnet on the battery of my drill, but on the wrist is a great idea. Something so simple, so easy, that will be like gold especially when you are working outside in the grass where if you drop something, its gone forever.


  2. I just saw a stupid infomercial this morning (But WAIT! There’s More!!! ugh..), but, it was for a set of LED lights mounted in the thumb and pointer finger of a ‘glove’ that wrapped around the wrist and still left your fingers available to get shit done. The combo of these two items would make for a strong package.

  3. Might be wise to avoid wearing this while doing electrical work. Great idea otherwise…

  4. I’ve tried to use two of these as Wonder Woman wrist bands to stop BB’s. It didn’t work 🙁

    BUT, They are super effective for bits, screws and it even caught a falling nut when I was on a ladder installing a motion sensor light. They are also light enough that you don’t know you are wearing them and strong enough that if you leave them on under a long sleeve shirt that you can accidentally pick up silverware when you are eating.