The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker – TSP Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. This looks like a nice smoker! You should check out the Pit Barrel Cooker, I don’t have one but from the reviews I have seen it seems to perform really well. I learned about the PBC from a BBQ website called, that website is worth checking out too if your into BBQ its where I learned most of my techniques. The amazing ribs website happens to be moderated by the guy who designed the slow n sear which you posted on the amazon item of the day a couple weeks ago. Hope this info was useful.

    • One does not sear with a smoker.

      How long it all depends on what you are smoking, how much, how long you take to get it there.

      6-6 you might, what are you smoking? Are you doing it 100% in the smoker or transferring to an oven?

      In the end I smoke most stuff 2-4 hours and then it goes in the oven.

      At that point I cook to temp based on what I am cooking.

    • I was really interested in pellet grills until my boss got a Traeger. I cooked on it and I’m fine without one now. In no wind, the temperature swung from 150 to 350 in about 5-10 minutes. We complained to the guy he bought it from and he just asked how the food was. That wasn’t the point. For a $1k investment I would’ve expected something less than a hundred degree swing. Anyway, RECTEC, Yoder and Memphis seem to be the ones folks are most happy with, but they are 2 to 3 times that of a Traeger.

  2. Thanks Jack. A smoker we had years ago took nearly 12 hours for ribs. Some of the traegers have an ability to do a sear and/or use as a grill when not smoking (IIRC).

  3. Looks like a good unit. I picked up the Masterbuilt electric smoker at a garage sale (the guy wanted a big Traeger and his wife bought him the Masterbuilt). It takes wood chips or dust of any kind so you don’t have to buy proprietary wood product.
    It is digital for both temp and timer. There are a couple models. I wouldn’t get the glass door option as it will just cloud up and be useless.
    Mine has been running strong for about 5 years.
    They also make an add on for cold smoking that works perfectly for making bacon and smoked sausage. It attaches to the side where you put in the wood chips and you can add smoke without temperatures that break down the fats in the meat.
    Price is nice as well for one or both.

  4. Cheat? Never heard it called that. I use the Texas “Crutch” – Works for Kreuz, works for Franklin…works for me. Stays on the pit however