Greystone 11.5″ Non-Stick Griddle – TSP Item of the Day — 10 Comments

  1. I bought the 13″ pan on your recommendation here and have to say that I absolutely love it. I wasn’t aware of the little green logo thing so I’ll have to check that out. I unfortunately have an electric stove but the Greystone heats so evenly that is makes it bearable to use. I will be getting a smaller pan next, then probably the griddle – even though I don’t do bread anymore I’m sure it’s good for lots of things.
    I do wish the handles were oven-safe though…

    • I just ordered two of the square pans and an 11.5 inch as gifts for Christmas I mean like just now, this second.

      • Okay so these pans don’t come with lids and the manufacture doesn’t make them. For the frying pans I just use the lids I have for other pans as they are a standard size. I can’t find anything for the griddle as just a lid and lids seem expensive when bought alone.

        There are some 11.5 electric skillets out there, that come with lids but I would hate to tell you to buy one for just the lid. I haven’t needed a lid for the square skillet and can’t really see the need. I do have an antique version of this that gets a lot of work.

        Anyway if you wanted a lid for the round pans you can just search for say 11 inch pan lid on Amazon you will get something like this, just replace 11 with your correct size. Again for the square skillet there isn’t anything in 11.5 I can find stand alone.

        • Thanks for the quick reply. I was more interested in lids for the round ones anyway. There’s a good chance, just like you, that I already have a round lid that will fit most of them. I was just curious if you had a go-to source for something you knew would fit. If I end up needing one and order it off amazon, I’ll post a link back here when I see that it fits.

          Thanks for the work you do and keeping me company with your podcasts on my long commutes to work.