Lodge 14″ Cast Iron Wok – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. I have this wok and love it. The best feature is the even heat; its hard to burn something in this unless you are really trying. It also deep and holds a lot of food.

    +1 for the cast Iron wok.

  2. We’ve had one of these woks for about 10 years. Besides stir fry or stove top recipes, it’s been used for popcorn, deep fat frying, coffee roasting, and used for oven roasted chicken and other meats.

    Popcorn works good because the oil and corn stays together at the bottom where heat is most intense. Once it pops, it moves up higher in the wok where heat is less and scorching won’t happen.

    Deep fat frying requires a lot less oil than a flat bottom pan. Three inches of oil in the wok is a lot less than 3 inches in a flat pan.

    I have a small electric coffee roaster. Just for a test, I roasted some green coffee beans in the wok to see how the results compared. For about 8 ounces, either way takes about 10 minutes. The wok works well because it is deep, and roasting beans need a lot of stirring to roast evenly.

    A few years ago, my wife wanted a roaster pan for chicken. I searched all the sites for roaster pan reviews and nothing stood out for a best buy. One day, I wondered how the wok might work for oven roast chicken. From our old steel wok, was a small roasting grid that worked perfectly to set the chicken on, keeping it off the bottom. Any drippings from the chicken stayed in the center bowl instead of all over a flat roaster pan, to dry and burn. Making gravy was much easier. Pan cleanup was easier too, since everything stayed in the center, not way up the sides.

    Cast iron, like this wok, cleans up great with just a little water and high heat. No soap needed ever.

      • Thanks! I like to share discoveries if they are unusual and functional. I haven’t found much of any detailed discussion on this wok these past few years. I’ll be watching this site to see what others have discovered about it’s utility in the kitchen. It’s definitely a multi use tool.

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