Perfect Cook – Digital Instant Read Thermometer – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. This is a good item, I have used this type before..they work well and take the guess work out of the stick thermometers which fall out of calibration often!

    Chef Keith Snow

  2. Plus one for the Thermoworks products.  I use their Mk4 and RT600C models and they work great and last for many years.  All the food plants I’ve been in use Thermoworks items so you know it’s good stuff.

  3. Thanks I’ll have to try this.  Last year, I bought two digital thermometers from the grocery store… what garbage. The first had a battery compartment designed in such a way that it was impossible to replace batteries without the thing disintegrating.  The second looks more properly designed but is flaking out and blinks on and off for no apparent reason even if I haven’t pressed the button.

    So, I’ll give this one a try in the hopes it is going to be more reliable.