Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Bags – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Another good trick on sealing damp/wet foods. Lay a sheet of paper towel across the top of the food. As long as it’s something like fish or meat the small amount of moisture that would destroy the seal get absorbed in the paper towel during the seal.

  2. Appreciate the tip on freezing first. Not certain this will work for me when processing whole deer in the kitchen; but, it is worth a try. I have used the FoodSaver brand for years and yes, they are expensive. I will give these a try. The 200 quart bags are actually priced slightly better than the 300 bags.

  3. Jack,

    I’ve just recently purchased an Avid Armor vacuum chamber and ordered some extra Avid Armor bags for sealing our freeze dried items and garden harvest. I e read that some people say the clear bags are not good for long term food storage. Do you know how long these Avid Armor (3m) bags can last? I know Mylar bags are best but I found a sale on the Avid Armor bags (6”x12” qty: 1000) for $54 and the (10”x13” qty: 1000) for $78. Just curious how long I can expect to store food in them before having to use them. Thanks.

    • This is nonsense. Mylar sure for dry storage but if you are freezing stuff who cares and isn’t it dark in your fridge. Even dry unless you are storing it exposed to light it just doesn’t matter. That said these bags are not for chamber vac, rather vac sealers which is why they have the air channels and cost more.

      • Good Morning Jack,
        I should have provided a link, but these bags do not have the air chambers and are for vacuum chambers. Here is one of the links to. Amazon item for reference. I thought they were a good price but perhaps I’m wrong.