King Kooker 12-Slot Leg and Wing Grill Rack – Item of the Day — 14 Comments

  1. A little secret to clean difficult wing pots and tools is to soak them overnight in hot water with automatic dishwasher soap and then cleanup later with Dawn dish soap.  It is nice to have a big utility sink for this.

  2. Love the recipes you suggested Jack. Thanks for always hooking us up (pun intended) with the best gear for our money. Love the show too that’s why I am and always will be a TSP supporter for as long as you grace us with your Jerk Jack awesomeness.

  3. Jack- do you have an option B for these?  Just checked them out and was going to order and saw that currently shipping and delivery is 1-2 months out… just in time for Labor Day.

    Any second options which more stock?

  4. This is kind of a dumb question, but the only reason I haven’t bought one of these yet (going to now) is that my family and I are accustomed to eating wings parted out like they would be served in a restaurant, with the drumette and… “two-bone” parts, not whole wings. Do you typically serve them whole, or do you cut them after the cook? I know, it’s silly…

  5. Not sure whats up with your oven, but I can fit 3 of these on one extra large rimmed baking sheet in my oven. If I make a foil “pan’ for the bottom rack, and place on rack above, I can fit 4. The interior of my oven is only 24” wide.

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