Zymox Pet Spray with Hydrocortisone – TSP Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. I’m interested in Doc Bones insight too. What makes something like this safe for other animals but not safe for humans?

  2. I have a west highland terrier that gets typical westie skin allergies, especially in spring and summer. I wonder if this spray would be good for topical skin inflammations due to allergies.

  3. Just want to report in and say that I have used this on myself twice now and have only had mild foaming at the mouth and have only dragged my ass across the carpet once.

    That being said, last night, our new puppy got a little over zealous and bit my hand. As I was trying to get said hand out of the pups mouth, I snagged the back of the hand on a tooth and tore a shallow, 1/2″ long gash (ok, it is more like a scrape) in my skin. I immediately applied the Zymox spray to the site (two squirts) and let it dry. I repeated the process this morning after my shower. You can see the scratch, but when you run a finger over it, it feels like “normal” skin. It is like it healed over after only 12 hours.