The FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. This brush is no joke. I have seen the amount of hair the Furminator removes, and am amazed.
    My wife is allergic to dogs, but when playing with her cousin’s Golden Lab (which uses the Furminator), she can pet and hug on the dog without allergy symptoms. This is remarkable!
    I use the “short haired” cat version on on my cats, and manage to make a giant pile of fur every time I brush the frisky felines.
    Great suggestion Jack!

  2. Jack. I had a Husky as well. Lost her last year at the age of six due to canine cancer. I am STILL finding her hair all over the house in nooks and crannies. Shedding Machines. Anyway, we used the FURminator religiously. We would pull two dogs worth of hair off her every few weeks. It got down to the skin pretty quick, so you have to be careful. We also bought the vacuum attachment. That worked alright, but the FURminator was amazing. Paid for itself many times over. If you have a dog that needs to be brushed, this is THE tool to use.

  3. I’ve been grooming dogs for 35 years and the Furminator is a great tool. One caveat is that with too much pressure you can damage the dogs skin. Don’t use more pressure than necessary.
    Furminator also makes a small rubber curry that works better on short slick haired dogs like our Rat Terrier. She sheds like crazy and the rubber curry does a better job than the metal tool. The tool pictured also works great for horses in the spring shed.

  4. How often do you use a tool like this? Do you use it year-round or only in the season where there’s a lot of shedding

  5. Use it as needed on a regular basis. House dogs especially shed year round with a peak coat change.

  6. Jack, looks like Furminator also have a simple brush like the one for a person you mention except it’s dual sided. Fakespot gives it an A on 329 reviews.

    Just ordered a small long hair, large short hair and one of these Dual brushes for everyday use. Also getting a bottle of the waterless shampoo as our bigger pooch is starting to smell and she hates bath time.