Garrett Juice Plus – Item of the Day — 10 Comments

  1. Like Jack says, don’t pay more if you don’t have to.

    Lowes will ship this product for $5.99, with MN sales tax this made it $6 cheaper than Amazon.

    • Absolutely but always folliar feed in the evening after the sun is off your plants.

  2. I bought Garret juice plus and Dr Earth


    i want to know how to use these in

    concert ie when do I apply which

    and how often


  3. Hey Jack,

    I’ve been using an organic fertilizer, your fish emulsion and Garrett Juice Plus as both a foliar spray and a soil drench.


    I see market gardeners always adding green sand or rock dust to get the trace minerals.  Do any of the parts of your routine replace the need for that?  Or should I still get a bag of that and toss a light coat out every year?  I’ve never done a soil test, and my plants seem happy, but they aren’t as explosive as yours.

    • I use things like that but I don’t include them in the fertility program because they certainly don’t need to be used on going. When I set up a garden I generally use about one 50 pound bag of green sand to about 100 square feet or about half a pound per square foot as a mineral boost. I don’t ever worry about it again.

      I am also constantly mulching with water plants, which brings a lot of minerals to the party. Compost is mineral rich, etc. Most soil even shitty soil is full of minerals, more than you will ever need, the key is the biology making them available to the plants. We don’t grow plants, we grow soil and soil grows plants.

      • Thank you very much!  I have never added green sand, so late this Fall I will do it once for the whole garden and consider it done.  I will also add molasses and old chicken feed, then cover with a ton of chopped up leaves.  That should help kick the garden into overdrive next year!


        Thanks for everything you do!