Leupold VX-1 2-7x33mm Scope – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Jack, spot on. Leupold is an heirloom scope. You can pass it down. And their warranty is incredible.

  2. I have that scope, and it has been on 3 rifles. It has found its final home on my .30/30 Marlin. No need for a huge scope, just a good clear compact one for a compact rifle.

  3. A little note on scopes sold for .22’s verses those sold for centerfire. Most scopes not sold as .22 scopes have the parallax fixed at 100-150 yards, 22 scopes are set much closer. If you use these for close shots (normal .22 ranges) AND your eye is not centered in the scope, you will be a little off. A good explanation can be found here:
    With that said I would put this scope on a 22 in a heartbeat because you should center your eye anyway and the glass is better than most 22 scopes.


    Cheap rings and bases are much more prone to move and cause a miss than a crappy scope or even a crappy rifle. with the Leupold bases to fit your rifle are a good place to start.

  4. I was wondering about putting this scope on an AR15 (16″ RUGER AR556). I’ve got a red dot on my AK, and wanted to be able to shoot the AR to a little longer ranges (scoped .270 for long range). Anybody have any thoughts on a scope like this compared to the smaller little 1-4x or 1.5-6x scopes for use on a general purpose plinking and defensive use AR? I like the looks of the smaller scopes and red dots. It’s just that a scope like this might be more versatile (may also use for shooing sage rats, but normally use Marlin 60 for that). Thanks all.

  5. For defensive use I would either go with a 1-4 or 1-6 with a dot and step up to more durability: and I would add a cat tail. At this level, there is no need for backup irons, they are made to be abused. This is also a big step up in glass. It is by no means a varmint scope but is fine for coyotes to a couple hundred yards and for deer within the limitations of the .223 round.
    One school of thought is to put a very decent scope on each of your rifles. Say 250.00 and up with good mounts. Another is to put rails on all your rifles and buy top quality glass with a top quality QD mount. To do this you really need to go to external turrets and keep a record of where your zero is for each rifle. This allows me, with 2 scopes, to have 1-20 power with top tier glass available for all my rifles, for very close to what I would have paid for good glass on each of them individually.

  6. how are you liking the 77 357. I was actually looking at it as a hunting rifle here in nj?