Vaxxed The Movie on DVD – Item of the Day — 11 Comments

  1. I would bet that more of the criticizers than you thing have actually seen the film. But, as dumb as the average person is, in this day and age, their own preconceived notions were all that they herd, not the actual content. It’s really hard to form ones own opinion when one has less of an attention span than a goldfish. What was I talking about? I need to check my facebo… there’s a pokemon I need to catch.

    • I don’t think so, as up till now it was difficult to see this movie. It isn’t online, it was so attacked by so many that only small venues showed it. You had to really want to see this movie to see it.

      When we went there was a guy protesting, a Dr. by the way. He was very angry and handing out literature. He wanted the theater shut down, no one cared about that though. I talked to him and he clearly didn’t have a clue, back to attacking the Wakefield study that again is not about MMR and NOT the point of the movie.

      He was angry, shouting at people who were all being very nice to him by the way, the whole anti science spiel followed by “I believe in science”. To this I said, oh really you believe in science, he was quite affirmative. I said, did you see this movie yet? He said no, started the entire I don’t need to see it speech.

      I said, “isn’t science looking deeply at all evidence and testing hypothesis prior to forming a conclusion we call a theory”.

      Of course to this he said yes and looked surprised to hear this from a bearded redneck with a neck knife, LOL.

      So I said “how can you judge if this film is a fraud or not, if you haven’t seen it. I am here to learn, I would love it if you came in, saw the movie and then explained to me what is inaccurate in it, in fact I would like that so much I will pay for your ticket”.

      He got angry, went back to his rant about Wakefield and the study. Again a study that is NOT about vaccines and not the point of the movie.

  2. With my son’s recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, any disease is a LOT more serious for him. So the pediatrician and endocrinologist both want him vaxxed for a huge range of things we would never have worried about before.

    Our hand was forced it seems, as the risk of any vaccine is far less than the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). I encourage all to proactively learn about vaccines and your families medical treatment in general.

    Do not wait until disease or illness comes.

    I’ll watch this when it comes available.

    • Our youngest son, now 10 years old, is also a Type 1 diabetic. He started to show symptoms about two weeks after receiving a batch of vaccinations – age 1. My sister-in-law, a pediatric nurse, has also seen this reaction in other young children. Perhaps a coincidence. But, now my son is a life-long Novo Nordisc customer. We look forward to watching the film.

  3. I saw the movie and though skeptical at first I have to say it was as truthful as it can get. The government is waging an all out war to stop the truth that is where all the negative info is coming from to discredit it.

    As a parent of 6 kids, 2 of my sweet little ones got sick a day after the vaccines and now several years later are still not the same. Something changed overnight and believe me its hard on parents with one who got sick but when you have 2 that is hell on earth.

    I cry all the time thinking how many thousands of kids have lost the chance to be who they were suppose to be and live a happy life. How can any government FOR THE PEOPLE do this to their own children? Well the truth is out and if after watching this movie you still don’t believe then all I have to say is pray your child or grandchild or niece’ or nephew are not next. Your life and theirs will NEVER be the same again.

    A sad and helpless mom…………………………….

    • Summer, your sadness comes through so loudly in your post. I am praying for you and your kids. I just can’t imagine what you are going through. Blessings to you and yours ma’am.

  4. Well there I go again, I tried to give the morons more credit than they deserved. It’s a shame when a post like I wrote was actually overly optimistic.

  5. Wakefield is personally attacked because he was paid by corporate interests to scare the gullible and uninformed sheeple into a panic. He did not just devote a few paragraphs to the topic in a larger study–he did that, then coordinated a massive and fraudulent campaign on those very issues when he realized how much media attention those few paragraphs had given him.

    You can read the work of the investigative reporter who exposed Wakefeild’s fraud and cowardice here:

    You will notice the many primary sources included in the side bar.

    Here is an analysis of portions of the film that present the CDC content with extreme dishonesty. Notice too that they include all the original sources and transcripts so that you can double check their sources… which is more can be said for the filmmakers:

    I am disappointed. I come to this site because I thought you would have valuable and practical things to teach the world about how to live resiliently
    and independently. Instead I find a group easily hoodwinked and manipulated, ready to sacrifice one of the greatest blessings the Lord has given us in these dark days for fear of an imagined phantasm.

    Rail against the CDC. Smugly pat yourselves on the back for beating the man. Glory in your foolishness.

    And as you do, those who have learned to discern truth from error will see this site and know immediately that your community loves the latter more than the former.

    • Be disappointed and you just proved my point.

      What Wakefield did or did not do, and who did or did not back him, is not relevant to this movie, or to the issues it covers, at all, in anyway, shape or form.

      Additionally the accusations you throw at Wakefield are nonsense, and the only proof is the accusations themselves.

      Let me guess, you have not seen the movie right? So you have no clue what you are disappointed about. And in all of this you will claim science as your guide. Now that is disappointing.

    • Hey Dissapointed. I don’t get it. Why don’t you watch the movie (which I haven’t seen) and THEN rebut it?

      I am completely neutral in this debate and am willing to be convinced either way.

      I bet there are a ton of people in the TSP audience who are open to all sides of the argument, absolutely the furthest thing from sheeple. I am one of those.

      Bring it on and let’s see what you have. More debate is a good thing. But to chastise us as a “group easily hoodwinked and manipulated” you come across like the Washington Post in how they labeled Christians a few years ago.

      • Josh note that he did and I will give him credit for this, post something that attempts to discredit the actual movie, rather than Wakefield.

        However if you dig into it, it fails. It shows editing that I am pretty sure the producers used to make a more compelling case but nothing rebuts the following facts.

        According to documents obtained under FoIA, with the assistance of Dr. Thompson who told them exactly what to request, the CDCs own study showed a strong correlation between Autism and MMR, specifically in African American males vaccinated under 3 years of age, but the correlation existed in every group.

        Rather than report the findings, the CDC raked the data removing anyone and everyone they could to make the study say what they wanted to say.

        Two MDs who were such strong advocates for vaccines that they shouted slurs at anti vax parents on television a few years earlier were shown the CDC documents, not an edited film.

        Those two MDs stated flatly that the CDC was lying, that they both had tremendous regrets for recommending vaccines for children at such a young age, that they would never advise parents to do so again. That they would do what most people who are moderates on this would do, what I myself have said for years.

        1. Space out the vaccines

        2. Defer many to an older age given there is almost no risk of contracting them at younger ages, and the vaccine risks in young children seem to exceed the risk of infection.

        There is, has not been and likely never will be anything to debunk those facts.