Scope set up for the Benjamin 392 or Benjamin 397 Air Rifle – Item of the Day for 8-23-16 — 2 Comments

  1. I have the original Sheridan version of the rifle before Benjamin bought them out, mine goes back to the 1970’s and is .20 caliber (not .22). Now… I wonder if they still even sell ammo on for it. I did put a scope on it in the 1990’s and found out that the scope was by far more accurate than the gun was. The shots were all over the place ( in a 2 inch circle) at about 60 feet, with me shooting from a rest with the same number of pumps in it. Jack seems to have much better luck with his. My father actually got the gun for me with a peep (ghost ring) sight on it from a famous manufacture….that I can’t remember right now. Gun was dead nuts on with the peep site. I still have the gun…I do miss shooting it out on the friends farm at starlings that we’d go after. Ah..those were the days. Steve

    p.s. Reading Jacks Comments….. the items he that DOES NOT SUGGEST YOU BUY WERE the scope mounts that I got for the gun back in the 1990’s…..that was long before the amazon days… so Maybe I’ll have to get what Jack has and put them on my gun….. oh.. I miss shooting the thing.

  2. Synchronicity! Jack, I just ordered this the day before you posted it as IOTD based on your previous show where you recommended it. Hope I can reduce the prairie dog population in our west Texas backyard. I hope it showed up on TSPAZ account!