Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. The bag I have that’s a binder for all my soft plastic baits is falling apart – do you have a suggestion for a binder insert that would work well with this bag?
    I’m talking about a substantial number of packages of worms, lizards, etc.

    • Sorry man not being a bass guy that really isn’t something I get into a lot. I fish with mostly bait or slabs, a few jigs and that is about it.

  2. Love the bag. Holds more than I need which is good because I usually carry far more than I need anyway. As for telescopic rods I’ve been using KastKing Blackhawk II’s. They definitely don’t collapse small enough to fit into the bag. Avg collapse size is 24″. I alternate between them and my UglySticks when I head out on the boat.

    Looks like their own site is sold out of them but they appear to be available via their Amazon shop.