Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler Item of the Day — 9 Comments

    • zoodles? you should make em, cook em and eat em. Just leave them whole until the day you make them.

    • I don’t think that would work well. For storage I recommend this, grow your own zucchini and for zoodles let them get really big, this works because the core is tossed away. I let mine get as big as my forearm.

      Once they are that big they keep about as well as most winter squash. I have one I saved for seed from last year that is still good. That one is a bit bigger than I usually let them get but it makes the point well enough.

    • Zoodles don’t work the best for dehydrating.  I did dehydrate long strips like lasagna noodles for lasagna.  That turned out great.

  1. Speaking of peelers, does anyone know of a straight blade, ie potato peeler, that can be sharpened? My toddlers eat a ton of fruit, but they like it peeled. I’ve gone through two peelers with a blade that I don’t think can be sharpened, eg:

    After a few hundred peels the blade is so dull it just pushes the skin half the time and makes me so frustrated… I’d love to either know how to sharpen one of these, or one that has a blade that can be removed and sharpened.


  2. Wife bought into this idea, going to give it a go.  Something to do with all those Zukes!