JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster Pellets – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. Shooting super heavy or super light pellets out of a spring or gas ram gun can damage the mechanism, these would be better for a PCP gun. Might want to pass it over a chrony, these might just be a bit far down the path of diminishing returns for some guns YMMV.

    • I disagree.

      First sure I guess if you fired 1000s of rounds they could put a more rapid burden on the mechanism. But again pellets like these are expensive and more useful for hunting than plinking.

      Second the concept of using muzzle velocity and saying you reach a point of diminishing returns makes no real sense. I judge terminal tackle by its terminal performance, not its numbers.

      In short these things hit hard, really hard. That in the end is what matters.

  2. FYI Amazon has an instant $20 off all Benjamin orders over $100 right now. Great for anyone looking to get a 392 pellet gun.

  3. I’ll vouch for these things. A half dozen squirrels have died instantly from these within my direct knowledge. There isn’t typically any pass through, but after going in they tend to bounce around amongst the bones and skull quite a bit.

  4. Three rats gave their lives last night to make this positive review possible. They hit hard.

    • 177s through a Silent Cat. Also of note, the heavier pellets stay sub-sonic so you don’t get the second crack.