Catahoula Manufacturing Tarred Bank – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. I’m curious about how well it might work as a fire starter. Has any body tried to light it to see how it burns?

  2. I second the question since its bin almost 2 years with no reply hoping this gets the ball roling thanks

  3. Guess I never noticed it. My answer, I would not see it as such. Yea tar burns, it burns dirty. The string itself is nylon, nylon melts it doesn’t burn well. I guess if you used a larger pile of the stuff it may have enough tar to help.

    That said it is far more valuable as cordage.

  4. +1 on tarred bank line. Thanks for the reminder, Jack. Getting some more.

    BTW, y’all, been listening to Jack since Episode #69…