Taco Tenders – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thanks so much for bringing these to our attention, and getting a great discount. I just finished ordering 10 of them.

  2. To add on to what you mentioned in the video, the Oven Safe Taco Tenders will also stack on top of the Original Taco Tenders. You won’t even need to have multiple stacks when storing! We hope you enjoy your Taco Tenders MSB and friends!

  3. I just purchased 3 original and 2 oven safe: Amazon price would have been about $28, Taco Tender’s site $23.95, using my MSB membership $13.95 (free shipping), that’s 1/5 of my membership in only one purchase (or more if using Amazon’s pricing)… Thank you Jack and Taco Tender!