Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel Growler — 3 Comments

  1. So he paid you to link to his product, he makes money from sales, you make money from affiliate links, all the while normal people shell out $50 for a way overpriced steel container made in China.

    I noticed the majority of reviews aren’t from verified purchases either, credibility be damned.

    Great setup you’ve got working.

    • I love you bitter small minded people who hate those that get shit done because you yourself acomplish the square root of fuck all.

      First I disclosed the free product. Hence there is no conflict. I have been doing this show for 8 years now, I have always spoken my mind. I have a ton of products laying in my garage I never reviewed because they are poor quality. Sending me a free product gets you no guarantees.

      Second the value of a product comes down to what people will pay for it. If you want a stainless growler there are cheaper ones and far more expensive ones. Do the Yeti cup knock offs prove that Yeti is ripping people off or only that their price is too high to be sustained in the market. Unlike you my little troll friend I trust the market.

      Third, how the fuck in your mind is it unethical for a manufacturer to send out items for review, then have them reviewed especially when such is disclosed. If such reviews were not disclosed as product provided reviews there would be a credibility. The fact that all such reviewers are disclosing speaks to credibility issue but that isn’t the case here is it? While I always disclose such things, one of the reasons I was willing to do this review is because they specifically requested I do so. Credibility indeed!

      Brain, if that is your real name, have you ever once signed the front side of a paycheck?

  2. First off I have to say to the troll: I’ve heard Jack diss and/or take back recommendations in the past; his Credibility is his brand. Try listening to his podcast for more than a day.

    Now for my main point: you could fill one of these with cold water from the fridge, with maybe an ice cube or two, and use this to keep insulin or other meds cool by dropping them inside. I have plenty of insulin stockpiled, but keeping it viable without refrigeration is always at the back of my mind.