Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife – Item of the Day — 13 Comments

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for a chicken butchering knife? I used this exact knife a couple days ago to slaughter a very mean rooster, and it did not go well. The knife was brand new with a factory edge on it, but it was not even close to sharp enough for the task. I unfortunately had to use a sawing motion to cut the sides of the chicken’s neck.

    Obviously this was very much not ideal, and although it was done within a couple seconds, it was not as humane as I would have liked, and would like to get something much sharper, so I’m guessing I need a narrower bevel?

    Whatch’all recommend?

    • Honestly? Learn to sharpen knives, you can’t rely on a factory edge for things like this and even when you can, you can’t for long. Even a 400 dollar knife that will split a hair from Patrick Roehrman will get dull and need to be sharpened.

    • Eric, I usually have 2 knives when slaughtering chickens; a basic pocketknife and something with a longer blade. The long (very sharp) blade gives you a long draw to get the cut done in one quick pull. The short blade is for everything else.

  2. Everyone needs a knife in the kitchen for all those things that could ruin a good knife. I have this knife in my kitchen for tough to open packages and the like. Mine is the bright orange so it stands out in all the clutter and mayhem that tends to dwell in my drawers.

  3. I just finished this episode while mowing. Anyway, yesterday I made the lemon pepper marinade and used 1/2 tsp of dried mustard seed instead of a squirt of mustard. It worked awesome!!! Thanks Chef!!!



  4. I have EDCed my Mora Companion for 7 years, the same knife and I have 3 or 4 of them as back ups but the first one is still going strong…Great knife

  5. I bought this the first time Jack recommended it and it has been my daily carry since. I don’t worry about the blade, except to try to remember to sanitize it before cutting food. The best feature is the handle. You have a solid grip whether blood, water, mud, etc.

  6. Opinel carbon folders are also very good. Those blades take a crazy sharp edge and the handles can be modified to suit different environments. Another thing is that they are surprising light weight to carry. They’re aesthetically pleasing to carry and use.