Dewalt Compact Drill/Driver Kit – Item of the Day — 15 Comments

    • @J.R. just make damn sure to take the battery out of the adapter when not in use or it will drain it and kill it.

  1. Highly recommend moving to the 20 volt version if you are just starting to accumulate this family of tools and accessories. 18v will be abandoned in the future and the 20v is the future of the line. The 20v are very nice to handle when you are using them all day long.

    • I could make a case for going to the 20v lithium’s but discontinuation of the batteries is not one of them. Nor do I see the NiCad line going away any time soon. The installed base is so massive and many actually prefer NiCads. I think you are 5-10 years out before they let go of the existing line.

      That said if I had a good budget and no Dewalts I would likely move to the 20v stuff myself.

  2. I repaired power tools for 5 years:
    DeWalt – all good except for their electric jack-hammer,
    Bosch – best angle grinders; “Bosch Green” range – they are flimsy.
    Makita – all good except small (4″) angle grinders; best for spare parts availability.
    Metabo – all good – their fancy electronics do not like running on generator sets,
    Atlas Copco/Milwaukee – Pretty good but a bit weak in the trigger controls,
    Ryobi – P.O.S. in Australia – maybe US versions are better.
    Panasonic cordless – hands down THE BEST cordless tools.

    Note for all power tools-blow the dust out of the motor with compressed air occasionally, they will last a lot longer.
    Note for battery tools – UNPLUG YOUR CHARGER WHEN NOT IN USE.
    You do not want it hooked to the mains 24/7/365 lightning will hit eventually, also do not store a battery in the charger – it’s bad for the battery.
    from Sunny Western Australia

  3. I’m with you Jack, I buy DeWalt by DeFault. I’ve got a few Ryobi tools that work okay for what they do and for the limited use they get. But if the tool is going to be used – maybe even abused – DeWalt is the way to go.

  4. Thanks Jack!

    I have many Ryobi 18V tools and use them regularly. In 18 years I have only need to replace the batteries. I used to leave them on the charger 24/7. The over 40 tools that use the same battery is very attractive. I’ve never had a tool fail. Maybe Dewalt has followed the Ryobi One model, but they seem to late to the game.

  5. I worked construction for years and I too was a DeWalt fan … Until I had to start replacing batteries every spring , nothing wrong with the performance of their tools but I’ve found if your using them day in and day out Milwaukee batteries last longer, and I cant sing high enough praise to their 12 volt line drills are very powerful their hacksaw can get into places a full size saws all cant and they make a tool for every job including a booming blue tooth equipped mini speaker.

  6. I have had bad luck with the 18 V Dewalt batteries and replacements are expensive. My contractor friend switched me over to Ryobi. The Ryobi charger states that it’s intelligence will not let it over charge the batteries. I like that a lot, you can leave the batteries in the charger overnight. I was ready to give away my box of Dewalt stuff but held off for now. My favorite Dewalt item is the Radio/Charger.

    Thanks, Pistol

  7. My personal preference is for older (in many cases better made) 12/14v versions that can be run off 12v solar panels… at some point batteries will die, and with a hacked dead battery pack and some heavy heavy gauge wire you could easily run them off a car battery (that’ll be plentiful available when TSHTF) or 12v solar (which people should be thinking about now).

    With care (giving them a rest between uses to cool, not 100% duty cycle) 20v tools would probably survive 24v power.

    I’m always considering how useful things will be w/o grid power.

    • It is sad that after 8 years of my work, people still live in this much fear.

  8. I sell contractors tools and it makes me a little bit of a snob. Comments: The Dewalt 20v just so everyone knows really is technically still 18v (like everyone else). I forget how they got around it to make it sound more powerful but it isn’t. Most wordless sets are going to brushless now. Beware the Milwaukee AND Dewalt in this category. They are nice when new or handled with care but if anything breaks on them they are not worth repairing. Just to expensive. Brushes are cheep so stick with the older model that are not brushless. Makita on the other hand is a huge winner. It’s almost all we sell in the cordless world. Jack, you are correct when it comes to cordless you have to pick your team due to battery interchange. I’m Makita a lll the way.
    In cordless tools one of the best is probably Senco. Also Passload at least used to make a framing gun in cordless that used a butane charge to fire full sized framing nails. A lot of folks loved these guns for obvious reasons. I live in Eagle County CO and even with the high altitude adaptors they did not work here (above 6,000′)…just saying. High altitude is no bueano.
    Never heard of Freeman pneumatic tools. Just saying. As a solid standby you can count on at a reasonable value, you can normally count on Hitachi.
    Porter Cable for the most part has gone to hell except for a few of the old tools that they’d made for a long time and haven’t been changed (cheapened). Worth noting with Porter Cable on the compressors is they are mostly oil free. One thing most do not think about is these are or have been pretty well made and can sit on an uneven or not level base because they do not require the oil splash to stay lubricated. I won 2 horse version and it’s treated me well for years.
    Jack, you mentioned a Dremmal tool. Yes handy for certain things but 1 tool that is a bit odd but can be used in a million ways is the occilating tool. I’m a big fan of the Fein tool and the created it. This tool is so versatile that you can’t believe it. The is absolutely a tool you do NOT want the Dewalt as they made their own particular blade attachment. Everyone else uses the Fein platform so stick with that. Dewalt is the only off version as far as I know.
    I hope this helps and it feels great to maybe be helpful to the group. Cheers all!!!