STX-3000 Turboforce Meat Grinder – Item of the Day — 12 Comments

  1. You can’t go wrong with the LEM 5lb stuffer.
    I would however recommend either going for the one with stainless tubes, or buying stainless tubes. The plastic is harder to clean, gets scratched and holds contaminants in the scratches.

    I’ll check out the grinder as I am going to kill the Kitchenaid if I keep using the grinder attachment. It works for small batches, but 20lbs at a time get’s it pretty hot. I was looking at the 5 or 8 LEM grinders.

  2. Dear Jack,

    You bring a lot of good info, and a number of useful items, to the attention of a lot of people who can use that info and those items.  Thanks!

    Are you aware that Amazon is developing  a reputation for… unfair dealing with the small vendors, the small business owners, who market products through their site?  It might be worth checking into…

    • I swear to God everyone bitches about everything.    If a vendor doesn’t want to sell on Amazon they don’t have to, Amazon operates at about a 1.5% margin.    Vendors set their own prices with known terms.  It’s called a free market.

  3. Does anyone have a grinder to recommend that can handle bones?

    Like for preparing dog food from livestock raised on the farm or homestead, and/or game ?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Jack,

    A meat grinder is a great addition to any preppring situation in my opinion. Also, one should not be too concerned on the initial $300 investment. I personally have been grinding meat for 10 years. I have a large Cabelas grinder that has paid for itself 2x in 10 years. It’s saving me more every year as the family grows.

    For those that are questioning diving into this let me outline what makes this device so cost effective.

    Like gardening, only process what you eat! Annually I shoot a couple deer with a cheap rifle and clothing I have owned for years. I skin, 1/4, and debone my own kills. I grind straight venison with beef talo. I do not supplement my meat with store bought pork or beef. It only raises the $/lbs. I used to package a lot of breakfast sausage but come to find my family doesn’t eat a lot of it. So why make it? We do consume a lot of browned hamburger annually. Browned hamburger is typically drained of fat (why supplement pork and beef when I drain the fat for cooking?), so I grind 50-60 lbs of straight venison with beef fat. I only buy ground beef for greasy, delicious burgers.

    I package with the cheap LEM meatlocker bags. No expensive vacuum sealer. I use a bagging tube on the end of the grind and away I go. Reduce the cost of packaging. I don’t worry about longer term storage because by next Nov I need more meat! My family doesn’t consume venison roasts so we grind everything.

    I use multiple smaller freezers for storage. Instead of investing in a large deep freeze, I started with a small one and added a 2nd as the family grew. When one is empty I shut it down until it is refilled.

    If your an avid outdoors person, this investment really does save $ in the long run. The grocery wants to charge me $4+ for a pound of pink slime. I figure I save at least $150 a year on ground meat just packaging venison. That amount could be more but my joy for hunting does offset some of my cost savings.

    Just a few thoughts from someone that has been doing this for a while.



  5. Update, I purchased this grinder. I’ve run 40 lbs of partially frozen pork through it in one go. Didn’t even phase it.
    It is everything Jack said it is and the price is right!

  6. Great for grinding 5# of political ass-clowns at a time.  Raise your own food and their bull matters less in your daily life.

  7. Hi Jack,

    I recommend using the LEM foot power switch with the grinder. You plug in the foot switch and the grinder into the switch. Then you push the switch with your foot when you are ready to grind and let up when you want the grinder to stop. It is very handy and helps keep things cleaner. You can search Amazon for the LEM meat grinder foot switch. It is currently $32.35 and well worth it.



  8. Between this discount and some squirreled away Amazon points, I just got this for ~$54. Not too shabby. Planning on putting multiple deer in the freezer this year, time to upgrade. Thanks Jack!

  9. Jack, you’re definitely right and I agree with about the value for this price point for a grinder. I currently have a grinder attachment for my XL Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and it works fine, but is a little slow.

    I’m currently saving up to spring for the Meat Your Maker brand new 1hp Dual Grind grinder. Its regular $700, but just now $559, so I think I might get it on sale. Anyway, it will grind twice in one pass to get finer sausages or just use one cutter for course work.

    • Looks awesome and I keep thinking of upgrading to something that big just to grind chicken bones and all for dog’s food. Believe it or not mine will do it but you can tell you are really pushing it and I expect then shortening life expectancy. I have seen it done with a 1HP Cabelas Carnivore and it looks like an industrial wood chipper handling leaves and twigs, thing never even slows down.