Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun – Item of the Day — 20 Comments

  1. I am not sure how this salt gun would work out in europe, the EU Beurecrats are looking at introducing registery identity cards and wearable micro tags on all flies by 2018, if a fly was to be killed without the due cull permit paid for in advance then they would know the GPS coordinates of the dead fly and there could be a lot of legal implications and federal fines.

  2. according to my amazon intelligence software (purchased), they are selling 3900+ of these a MONTH for $190,000 in gross sales from amazon a month. That is one of the highest volume items I have ever seen selling on amazon.


  3. I have one of these. fun as hell to use. kids love it too.

    Be advised, it hurts like hell. Hardly any salt comes out and at first you’re thinking it’s not enough to do damage. so I had one of my kids stand 5 feet away and fired it at my back. That hurt. UGH

    This thing works.

  4. I have one of these and found course kosher salt is better than fine salt for flies.  It also gives you more distance.  Lots of fun.


  5. Coarse Kosher salt will take out carpenter bees at close range. Great good fun !

    Don’t shoot yourself ( say in the foot) to see if it hurts. It most certainly does.

    Demo: it will blow holes in kleenex.

  6. Look at the associated products.  They make laser sights for this thing!!!  LOL, now all we need is some land sharks so we can have fly-killing freakin’ sharks with freakin’ lasers on their heads.

  7. I bought mine when Jack first mentioned it.  Been working great and I still use it every couple days in the spring and summer!

  8. Diego footer would be a great mc for your idea Jack. I know he’s busy and probably a long shot.

  9. Clicked on the link, got “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location” 

    in the Amazon cart.  This state is SO screwed up (NY)

    • Oh just fuck New York.

      When I was a kid there were all these bad ass looking pellet guns in the back of like outdoor life, 25 caliber. We cannot ship to New York right in the ad, I was like WOW they must be awesome if they are illegal in NY.

      Saved up some lawnmower money, etc. Ordered one, I think shipping was almost as much as the gun and the “100 free pellets”.

      Everything was plastic crap, it was okay for say a kid half my age I guess. You learned how to load, they worked a lot like modern airsoft in that you had all the features, safety, and the size and shape was the same as the “real thing”.

      I set up a plastic fox in the living room, backed up 12 feet took aim and fired, the “pellet” a plastic pill shaped piece of shit, went about 8 feet and nose dived into the floor.

      My Grandfather just went “ha” in his old coal miner way. I asked him why the hell they could not send them to NY if this is all they did. I was like 12. He looked strait me in the eye and says, “because the people that run NY are fuckin stupid”.

      The more things change……

  10. what are the differences between the 2.0, 3.0 and the black fly edition?  I wanted to get this to destroy spotted lantern fly nymphs.