Nutri Ninja Pro – Item of the Day — 10 Comments

  1. Jack,

    This currently links to a refurbished model. I don’t know if that was intended or if it matters, but I wanted to let you know just in case.

  2. Just a thought, I find it imposible to kill briars/brambles/blackberries so I sm thinking of doing a deal with and letting them grow if the promise to give me a good crop of blackberries and keep their word on it. Does anyone here successfully stored blackeries for the winter besides adding loads of sugar as jam?

  3. Hi Jack,
    Not to shoot down your Nutri-Ninja, as it looks like a fine product. However, if you have a regular old Oster blender; a mason jar threads on to the blade set perfectly and makes for a ridiculously over powered single serving smoothy, protien shake, etc maker.
    Oster used to market this fact and they even used to come with a couple mason jars according to Grandma.
    Like you, I have limited kitchen space and I like appliances that can do more than one useful thing.
    Just a tip from grandma. Of course two is one and one is none so also a good idea to get the ninja.
    Thanks Jack
    love the show

  4. fantastic idea with the recipe Jack. I’ve been looking for paleo, non caffeinated, non alcoholic drink options. When all you drink is coffee, tea, water and beer (and cider and mead), well. Sometimes I want something non caffeinated and non alcoholic but I miss flavor. I’d tried adding lemon juice, etc, but it’s just not enough.

  5. So I simplified things down a bit since I hate chopping up stuff I’m going to put into a food processor/blender anyway.

    1 lb of strawberries (whole, frozen, diced, minced, whatever) (I get them fresh here in 1 lb containers)
    juice of 4-6 lemons (to taste)
    blend as above and top off to 3qts. (that’s my taste)
    sweeten as needed.

  6. I built a rig that will carbonate any liquid, even if it’s a bad idea (milk -> exploding cheese). If I tried to carbonate this, would it just make a foamy mess? Would I have to filter it to make it work? Any opinions entertained.