4-in-1 Immersion Blender – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

    • Um yea that is kind of the entire point, we use it to blend boiling hot soup.    The blade is in the heat but the motor is in your hand.

  1. Here is a link for characteristics of one that can handle soap making:

    Let me know,

    Is the stirring blade stainless steel?

    Does it have a smooth blend or is it hard to manage? (This is lye. I can’t have it splashing all over me and the counters as it starts.)

    How easy is cleaning your immersion blender?  Are the blade and/or shaft removable for easy access to clean? Are the blade and/or shaft dishwasher safe?

  2. I scrolled to the bottom of the product: it is stainless and easy to clean.

    So I only need to know, does it start hard with a bang?  Or is it easy to control, and smooth in its blending?   Last item to find out about since it is a safety issue.


  3. Fantastic product! This has been the most versatile immersion blender and easiest to use. Love all of the extras it comes with, something I use often!

  4. Ok – so – my wife bought this to make things like mayo and whatever. I love it cause it is quiet and when she is busy or not paying attention – I can quietly and quickly make a small batch of whipped cream when I need a little something desert like at the end of the night and she is none the wiser 😉