Streamlight MicroStream – Item of the Day — 11 Comments

  1. I use this daily. It clips inside of my button up shirt or shirt pocket if I have a pullover on. It is bright enough to illuminate the way to my vehicle at night, or shine in someone’s eyes with my left hand while my other hand is free to, well, do whatever needs doing.

  2. According to the product description on Amazon, the Olight I3T EOS weighs 11.02 pounds.  😉



  3. I have carried the Microstream daily for 5+ years. I have lost two of them in that time but they are so inexpensive that it is not a big deal to replace them.

    I am currently carrying the rechargeable one and, honestly, I love it. Because it only requires a USB cable to charge I can charge it at home, work, in the car, anywhere. Micro USB cables are everywhere now because of cell phones and cell phone accessories. I have used this light for EDC as well as backpacking and I have yet to run into a problem with a dead battery. The proprietary battery lasts longer than a AAA and it alows the light to put out over 100 lumens. That being said, when I bought the light I also spent about 6 bucks on another rechargeable battery which I keep in the fold of my wallet so I always have a backup if the one in the light dies.

    Also, I have the Olight as a backup just in case, though I dont carry it with me.

    I have used both versions of the Microstream and they are both excellent.

  4. I love my micro stream. Been carrying one for 7 or so years.
    about a year ago I switched to the usb rechargable version. One added benefit is 2 brightness modes.
    Standard is 50 linens and bright is 250 lumens.

  5. I have a few different streamlights – one cool feature about the microstream is that it has a hat clip, which comes in handy once in a while when you need your hands free.

  6. I use the stylus pro its easier to find when I set it down, I carry one on my belt and one in my EDC bag.. I work as a stage hand and work in the dark a lot

  7. Jack – unrelated to this post, but related to recent podcasts…

    What is the best “news” site to stay up to date on crypto updates (new crypto developments, risks, emerging opportunities, etc.)? Looking for something that isn’t simply a sales tool for that specific vendor – if such a thing exists; I’ve not been able to find it at least.

    A huge THANK YOU for the recent podcasts on the subject of cryptocurrency, especially the “getting started in” one recently. That’s the kick in the pants I needed to take the step of sticking my toe in the water.

    • Looks like Streamlight sold out after I made the post and only 3rd party sellers have it now.

  8. I am a Fenix man myself, but everyone seemed to toss away the long battery life of LEDs when they first came out for brightness. If I am going to be far from home, I want my battery to last days, not hours. The discontinued Fenix HL50 headlamp I just got has 3 settings, an extremely low 4 lumens then two extremely bright settings. I can’t tell much difference between the two high settings making the brightest setting a waste. I’d rather a more even spread of brightness over the three settings, like 50/100/200.