Proctor Silex Waffle Cone Maker – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Oh wow! Ok, you have my attention! Looking forward to more keto content involving this thing!

  2. Hmm, this looks more practical than the Dash mini waffle maker you use for making chaffles.

    • Not really “more practical” just different tool for a different thing. If you only want wraps, yes it is more practical. But it is kind of like saying a bait case reel is more practical then a spin cast reel. Depends on the angler, the fish and the technique being employed.

      • True. Just meant I may use this more for different dishes like pizza crust, tacos, round naan. Time to get and experiment. May try your chaffle recipe and make some flat ones then add bacon and eggs.

  3. Jack,

    I have tried to make chittlens from Beef rind, with very abysmal results, both taste and quantity.

    I am allergic to pork, which came on suddenly in 2013, though I keep checking… I loved bacon, ham, and rendered lard.

    An alternative that is not Lamb, would be nice.