Customer Devotion by Mike Case – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thanks for the heads up on the pricing. Probably would have bought this at full price. I’m finishing up a MBA this summer – frankly, I’ll have the credentials and little else from the degree. Sure, I’ve encountered some important ideas but information like this book will help make the credentials pay.

    p.s. You got my family into quail on our postage stamp lot. Enjoyed a quail egg hash with leftover lamb for breakfast this morning.

    • Matthew,

      Thanks for picking up a copy, you will like this book it is based on reality, things that have actually been done and worked, not theory about what should be done. Awesome on the quail man.

  2. Just picked up the Kindle version. I’m steadily getting more traffic for my webcomic, but if I want to make any decent money with it I need to get a lot more viewers. Given my lack of direct experience with marketing and your recommendation, I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth (probably hard NOT to given it’s a buck…).

  3. I am sure you will like it but to be clear this is a customer loyalty book not a how to get traffic to a website book.

  4. Yeah, what I should have said is I need a lot more DEVOTED viewers, i.e. true fans that will are willing to be supporters and patrons and interested in future merchandise. Ad revenue so far isn’t much and only pays part of the hosting costs. If the book has ideas for keeping more people coming back and building the ‘brand’ so to speak, then it’ll be worth it. As soon as my kids will give me any time to myself that is…