Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lids – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. Wow! I’m impressed by your response…I’ve been listening awhile and like what I hear. I’ll buy from your site. Thanks

    • I almost, ALMOST recommended the kit anyway. At first I thought the kit was cheaper even with the stupid pump then buying the weights and lids separately. Until I realized that there are only 3 lids and weights in the kit. Hence even if you want the weights you are ahead on the per unit and don’t have a stupid plastic pump to throw away if you buy each separately.

  2. Just bought the kit I found after clicking on this- I doubt I’ll do more than 3 at a time anyway, and getting the weights at the same time is cheaper (3 for 20 instead of 4 for 30).

    Also got a Dewalt tool, so enjoy that commission too Jack.

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