Whistler XP800i 800 Watt Power Inverter – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. For emergency power this would work quite well to run my CPAP at night, as well as a light. Then run the fridge for a couple of hours to keep it cold. Looks like a terrific product and you can’t beat that price. Since it’s not a pure sine wave inverter I wouldn’t use it to power a computer or my TV.

    If I was going off grid permanently I’d want a much more expensive pure sine wave inverter with more wattage–at least 1200-1400 watts.

    • I run TVs, Modems, etc. all the time with them. Will not boot up a sat receiver or cable box due to the sine wave issues but everything else works fine.

  2. In my experience 800 watts is the sweet spot. If you go “big” with a 2kw or whatever, that takes a big initial voltage drop in many cases. I have used an 800w to run full sized freezers and other big appliances. Usually you want a lot more output than you plan to use, but so many modern appliances run at 300w or less, this should be enough.

    Though be warned – when I installed a transfer switch on my gas furnace, on startup it spiked to 800watts, but within a few seconds settled below 300w which was the specified power consumption.

  3. Just got this Jack. Thanks for recommending it. Also are you going to have Steven on soon? would like to hear about all the new stuff hes doing as well as any new tech out there.