The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook by James Green – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. I will second this being a great book. The woo woo stuff really is not a big deal, but the rest is so awesome it’s worth it.

    • Can you name the #2 book. The link goes to a page with 20 different books. Thanks!

  2. Gene Logsdon in his book The Contrary Farmer also describes apologising to a tree for having to cut it down, and explaining why you need to do so. There is nothing woo-woo about this. The speech isn’t targeted at the tree, rather that you’re convincing yourself your reasons for taking its life are justified.

    If you can’t build a satisfactory case to convince the tree’s “soul” that it deserves to die, then maybe you don’t have a good enough reason to cut it down.

    • Everything alive has spirit connected with it. It would be dead if it didn’t. It’s just a matter of what your own idea of “spirit” is.

  3. Does the book have good coloured pictured.
    The bigest problem I always have with a new herb is trying to match the picture and description in the book with what I fing in tge hedges.
    And being sure that I am not piching the wrong plant and risking poisoning myself.

  4. You can find a evaluationcopy at lbry and decide if you want to buy it.