Magicfly LED Egg Candler – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. Okay, I must be confused, what *exactly* do YOU use a candler for? I’ve only heard of it in conjunction with hatching poultry to make sure the chicks are developing (which also was all I came up with on Google), so I didn’t even think it useful. If it’s covered in an article or podcast, a link would be wonderful.

    • Some times you get bad eggs.

      Sometimes you get a blood spot in a yolk, again if you are doing it for home use and they are a big one, no big the dog gets an egg. If they are small big deal cook the egg. Customers do not feel this way though.

      Also there are “Easter eggs” eggs the birds lay while out and about, is that egg from today, or last week, if it has started to go bad you will see it.

      And some eggs just are not “right” the can be cloudy, or have weird things going on. Not really common but when you are selling eggs to 5 star restaurants one or two popping up can cost you an entire account.

  2. Cool, I had no idea that you could see so much more than just “embryo/no embryo”… at the price of free-range eggs, even for my backyard flock might be nice just to decide which eggs need to be used up first.