Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

    • Well not exactly but every item I post like this from now on, yes, there are only three so far but I tag them all “amazon item of the day” it links to this page,

      So if you just click that tag (It is right at the bottom of the post where it says “This entry was posted in Blogs and tagged amazon item of the day” You will see every post like this I did. Over time I will likely feature most everything I have mentioned in the past.

    • Naw man 1234 is your thing. I may put a Shop Page on the man nav and just link to the tag.

    • No because it is so manual. I was looking at building something but I found an app I will be talking about next week. I think if I produce anything someone is already doing it better.