Spicy World Black Tellicherry Peppercorns Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Jack!… I love this Amazon Product of the Day feature. I’m a Amazon Prime member and have saved a bundle over the years. Now you’re giving me more ideas to buy….Thanks… I thing..

  2. Jack, can you please post a link to the pepper mill you mentioned in a previous show? Perhaps that could be tomorrow’s TSPAZ link.

    I searched Amazon and I found a bunch of pepper mills, but I’m curious about the one you talked about. It sounded like good quality… my pepper mill recently died and I need to replace it.

  3. Great find – what a savings! Spices are definitely something often overlooked, but they’re essential in order to have some variety to your meals.

    Of course, someone should only stock up on the spices they use often. It doesn’t do you any good to have a bunch of spices on hand that you have no idea how to incorporate into your meals, and then they all go bad before you can do anything with them. But peppercorns are universal!

  4. The one downside to this new type of post is, it is seriously testing my resolve to save money.

  5. Thanks for sharing. But if you’re going to save these long term, do they need to be repackaged? I haven’t used a can sealer before (new to this stuff). I’m also thinking these might be a good gift item for a friend that likes to cook.

    • How long is long term? A year? Then a jar with a tight lid is fine really, I vac seal the jars because with my system it is SOOOOO fast and easy.

      Longer than a year, I would either use a vac sealer with a jar attachment or some O2 absorbers to protect freshness. Given this is an every day use item, I don’t really think long term (more than a year is necessary) but it is easy to do if you have a vac sealer of any type.