Etekcity 4 Pack of LED Lanterns – Item of the Day — 18 Comments

  1. My kids use these for nightlights and they love them (we use enloops with them). We’ve had them for about 6 months and they hold up well to little kid usage.
    I’ll be getting the four pack for emergency lighting.

  2. The set of two is the same price per unit at $12.99. A single one is $9.88 so it’s not as good a deal.

  3. Neat… I bought three of them… Two for gifts, and one pack for our house.

    Now I need to buy more Enloop batteries! It’s a vicious cycle.

  4. Quick tip to store NEW batteries in devices…put a piece of paper between the battery and the negative terminal of each battery. This will prevent any discharge and thus leakage. In general new, undischarged premium brand (Rayovac, Energizer, Duracell) stored at room temperature do not leak. It is when they are partially discharge or even worse, fully discharged, where they are more prone to leaking. They also can leak if stored at elevated temperatures (i.e. your car/truck).

    This does require you to remove the paper before use, but at least you store the batteries in the device instead of externally. Otherwise, Jack’s comment about storing them in a plastic bag is spot on!

    • These do come with small plastic pieces between one of the battery to unit connectors. Will that be just as useful?

      • I think that helps but I would NOT store them that way either, any device not used often just get the dang batteries out of it.

        Leave a cheap head lamp and flash light in your BOK with batteries in, if one of those flakes out who cares.  You can use that to get everything up and running.

  5. I own 4 of these for camping. One for each tent, one for the picnic table after the big lantern gets shut off, and one for just-in-case…or for anyone who needs to wander off to find a tree or something.

    Had ’em for years. Definitely second your thumbs up on this. Great product.

  6. I bought these last year I think. I hadn’t had to use them until a few weeks ago.

    We had gone out for groceries on a late Sunday afternoon and when we were driving home, there was detour. I thought nothing of it until we got closer to home and the town had no lights. Instead of panicking, I remembered I had the lanterns. I opened up 3 of them and hung them around the apt. I took the 4th and brought to the elderly neighbor lady who uses a walker to get around. She was quite grateful and probably 20 min later, the power was back on.

    I’d agree with Jack that if you throw them off the roof, they will break. Normal use, they should be fine for a while.

  7. I have bought a total of 16 of these over the past two years.  I had one that was busted on arrival, and same experience – replaced immediately without question.  These make really great christmas gifts.  Kids love them because they are very easy to use and you can open them just a crack to have a little bit of light, or open them the whole way to light up a whole room.

  8. For expensive electronics or things that are going to be stored long term I use Lithium Iron Disulfide batteries. The energizer ultimate and advanced lithiums are this chemistry. They are more expensive but I have NEVER had one leak. Jack’s suggestion about not storing the batteries in the device is spot on. If you must keep batteries in something for storage these are the way to go. I have seen them in AA, AAA and 9V. Not certain if you can get them in other sizes.

  9. The big 3 (Energizer, Duracell, rayovac) will replace your device but bargain brand (imported chinese) will not.

    Pro tip: do not mix and match brands or different age batteries. Doing this will likely void the warranty.

    For C/D best brand for capacity and lack of leakage is Rayovac.  For AA/AAA all are about the same.

    • Looks like they dropped the originals down to 18 bucks.  Thanks for pointing this out I may need to run these as an item of the day again very soon.

  10. I have the older version and they have been great. It’s not practical to buy more now as ours work fine as and have plenty.  But when we need more, will look to this newer version.


    FORTUNATELY, since we first bought these a few years ago, we have not had but a couple of short outages where we really didn’t need lights.  But we know they are there if we ever need them, spread around the house.  Thanks for the tip Jack.