Davidson’s Earl Grey Bulk Tea – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. Good episode, just some suggestions for the next time your on the subject.

    What to look for when purchasing CBD
    Does water soluble have any benifits or is it just snake oil
    Any advantage to vaping CBD

  2. Hey, Jack.

    I tried the Davidson’s after you posted this instead of reordering my standard tea.  I didn’t like it as well as Vahdam.  The Davidson’s was a little more fine cut, almost powdered and not as smooth.

    You should try the Vahdam.  It’s about $10 more expensive, but it is still a good deal and I like it a little better than the Davidson’s.

    I usually do mine iced. I’ll put two heaping tablespoons in my infuser and run 4 – 8 oz. Hot water cycles through my Keurig, sweeten while hot, then complete filling a 2qt pitcher with water. Yum.