ISelector Nylon Braided Lightning Charging Cables – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. The iseeker cables I have bought have been awesome. I just ordered a bunch more after a 3 month review.

  2. One note of caution on the iSeeker cables: They may or may not charge much slower than the OEM cable and the reviews seem to show they’re having quality control issues recently.

    Out of the three I ordered about a year ago, only one still charges at an equivalent rate. The other two will still charge (and connect), but at a much slower rate: 20 minutes vs 2 hours to full charge. Better than having a useless cable but not very convent for everyday use. Troubleshot chargers, phones, etc., it’s definitely the cable that’s limiting the charge rate.

    It looks like there are several similar cables now in the same price range that are more reliable, but none that I’ve tried, so I don’t have any particular one as an alternative.

  3. Our household destroys cables at a disturbing rate. I bought a three pack of these cables. I agree they are tough, but they are not indestructible. My young son has a tendency to rest his ipad mini on the cord. This bends the cord at the connector. Eventually it destroyed the cable. This is more a user function error than a product error. My solution going forward w/ any cable is shrink tubing over the cable and end of the connector to act as a strain relief.