Dr. Earth Premium Gold Organic Fertilizer – Item of the Day — 12 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    The link doesn’t work. I get a page not found error from Amazon.

    • Thanks telling me, I hate when Amazon does that crap and changes links. Links updated.

  2. Jack,

    I have been listening to all your podcasts about building soil and starting a vegetable garden. Your links to this product are to the dry version and your references in the past podcasts are to the liquid. How would I use the dry to start my beds and the ongoing?

    • You just use this at the recommended amount per square foot. I also put a very small pinch in each hole when I put in transplants. I put about a half a shot glass around peppers and tomatoes, egg plants, etc. mid season as well.

  3. Jack,

    Based on your previous recommendation I already have this product and forgot to add it to the hole when planing bare-root raspberry plants and apple trees this weekend.  I did put some composed manure at the bottom of the clayey hole to encourage root growth down.  Do you recommend adding this now at the soil level or should I wait?  Any other additives to use now?

    • Sure use it now, pull back mulch, apply to the surface and water in each evening for a few days.

  4. Is dry molasses the same as sweet feed? I can find sweet feed at several local feed stores, but I cannot find dry molasses anywhere locally (no nurseries or garden stores seem to know anything about it).



    What about using Blackstrap Molasses as a garden fertilizer. It’s very high in trace minerals, we can even fertilize ourselves with this one… 1 tablespoon to a cup of hot water and a dollop of sweet cream. Yummy!

    I use Plantation, Organic, Blackstrap Molasses unsulphured; Amazon sells it for about 10 bucks in a 15 oz bottle, but I get it from the health food store for under 7.00. (Sulfuring is an after additive anyway from back in the day.)



  6. Do you have any experience with the Fox Farm line of fertility products? One of my local nurseries carries it, and they have a lot of the same stuff in them. I got their liquid kelp so I didn’t have to wait for delivery, hoping it delivers!

    • Not a lot but I think highly of it. Would not hesitate to use it. I used their soil quite a bit when I was playing with microgreens. Amazing stuff.

    • I use many products from Fox Farm and find it to be very good stuff.  Dr earth changed something on their liquids a couple of years back (can’t recall what it was).  I was buying some Fox Farm stuff at the time and switched to their liquid products and have been happy with them.