Anker Astro E7 26800mAh & 20000mAh Portable Chargers – Item of the Day — 22 Comments

  1. My wife one of these and I have 2. The reason I have 2 is that my digital camera can be recharged via USB. This is very handy when the power is out and you are wanting to thoroughly document damage or events.

  2. Everybody raves about Anker products (myself included), and they usually get stellar reviews. Steven Harris knows about Anker because he recommends some of their USB chargers, cables and battery cases … yet he doesn’t recommend any Anker battery chargers on his 1234 websites. He seems to prefer Limefuel. Hopefully not because the believes Anker batteries aren’t good.

  3. How does this compare to the RAVPower portable charger you used to recommend (back in episode 1783)? I have one of those (and love it), and it looks like it’s exactly the same capacity as the Anker.

    Anway, thanks for the recommendation. Looks like the RAVPower isn’t available via Prime any more, and I’ve been looking for a power pack for my wife’s car kit.

    • They are both good, very good, however, the Anker is better in my opinion, hence my change in which I recommend.

      The big difference is in the intelligence built into the charger. Without getting too technical the Anker has more safeguards, will take a full charge from zero faster and will charge MOST (not all) devices faster.

      Either is fine, but to me the Anker’s 10 dollar premium is well justified in added features. Additionally I have been very impressed with Anker’s support. Not this product but another Anker product I received was DOA, it was replaced almost instantly and I was told to simply throw away the bad product, don’t even bother returning it.

  4. I actually tried to buy this on Prime Day, but was declined due to shipping issues on lithium batteries. I live in Alaska and so stuck with air delivery only. But I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of others people here having computers, Mophie cases, etc. shipped.
    Any thoughts on getting around this other than asking a visitor from Outside to bring it with them in their carry-on luggage?

    • Wow not sure what to say, I have carried it on airplanes in my carry on because it is small enough to not be banned there. Just not sure what to advise.

      • So you can take the lithium bats on a plane in your carry on bags but you cannot put in check bags or ship them by air.  I’m not sure if it is because of the lack of pressurized compartment or because it could catch fire without anyone seeing it.


        Angus, I think you have a workable solution to have someone bring it in carry on who is flying to Alaska.  There might be another solution but not sure if there is a better one.  Good luck.


  5. Love Love Love it use it 2x a month when not home. i always keep it in my bag that i bring to work or out just in case. the size is great much better than those the sell on those home shop shows

  6. Please note that if the power is out in your area, local cell phone towers will be on battery power as well. I suspect 3 days before your cell phone will be useless as a phone. Of course it will contain valuable information beyond the ability to speak to others.

    Amazon sells cell phone boosters that might reach a tower outside of your area. No guarantees. I know that portable cell towers can be purchased and stored for use during disasters. FEMA uses them, but we are talking 10s of thousands of dollars.

    Having a radio transmitter during a long term emergency is preferable. Jack has covered this in previous podcasts. Depending on your cell phone for communication over a long term emergency is a dubious proposition.

    I am willing to be corrected.

    I am also willing to buy this charger for my cell phone. I am always worried I will run my cell phone battery out while on the bus. I use about 20-25% which is not too much, but if I am running out the door in the morning and forget to charge my cell phone, having a charger in my bag is reassuring. I have been embarrassed in the past having my cell phone suddenly deadline. It carries my bus pass. I’d rather avoid that stress in the future.

    Alex Shrugged

  7. I have 2 of these and love them! Does anyone have a recommendation for a lithium truck jump starter?


    I have a 6.0 liter diesel truck and the recent weather in the northeast pushed the 2 installed batteries past their limit even with the truck plugged in all night.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!




  8. I love Anker, but for those users with Samsung or other Qualcom devices you may want to get the Powercore+ mentioned on the same page instead of this one. USB is 5V, but Qualcom devices fast charge at 9V instead of 5V.  iPhones and other devices just need high power 5V.  This is also the case for car chargers as I have actually had my phone go dead while on a long drive using mapping because the 12V charger couldn’t keep up with the excessive drain of using the GPS.

  9. I use this for long term travel (greater than 2 days), and a back up charger. I primarily use it for my Nintendo Switch when traveling 🙂 and cell phones, etc. but mostly the Swtich; great for flights.

  10. Hi All,

    Be advised!!! Not all of Anker’s charges allow you to charge a device while the battery pack itself is being charged. I purchased the PowerCore+ 26800 Quick Chare 3.0 – I believe it was the newer model of the one Jack recommends – if I remember correctly, I was prompted with a “there is a new version of this” and I got suckered in. 🙂

    My unit DOES NOT allow charging a device while it is, itself, being charged.

    Other than that — I love having one of these. Camping, flying, out in the yard — sitting at my desk to lazy to get up and get my other cable 🙂 Love it

    • Um no. Why? If you want to charge with solar you need a solar panel and inverter, the battery should not be that important. Make sense? If I wanted a back up battery for a cell phone, I would use this one no matter how I charged it. All the little phone solar chargers are gimicks.

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