Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. you know, i learned a long time ago that “the only time a fisherman tells the truth is when he calls another fisherman a liar”.

  2. I have four Ugly stiks, a 4’8″ ultra lt I use for perch everywhere on up to a 6 foot that I use for salmon in Pulaski NY. They’re a great rod.

  3. To qualify this post, I am not someone that fishes every now and then.  My wife and I are out on the boat at least every other weekend after either trout, redfish, flounder, tripletail, cobia, pompano or grouper.  We fish a lot.

    The Ugly Stik’s are great, tough rods.  I’ve caught 30+ inch bull reds with 6’6″ mediums and have never had one fail.  I probably have half a dozen of them and there’s a pretty good chance one will be on the boat any time we go out as a spare/bait rod but… if you are serious about inshore salt water and try out a St Croix 7′  Avid Saltwater medium action fast tip you will be spoiled for life.  Is it for everyone? Absolutely not, they are five times the price of the comparable Ugly Stik and unless you inshore fish regularly, you would probably not realize the difference but they are that much nicer (and the tips aren’t prone to breaking like many of the graphite’s used to be.)  The weight, balance, feel, sensitivity, casting distance and accuracy are just on an entirely different level.

    It’s like the difference between an off the shelf Remington 11-87 and a fitted Browning 525.  I have and love both but always seem to have the Browning in my hands at the dove field.


    • They are great rods, I don’t dispute that. Thing is for that kind of money you can literally have a custom rod built for you. This guy is in the TSP community I had him build me a rod, it is amazing. It might cost a little more but now much more than a St. Croix and you get EXACTLY what you want. Even your logo if you want, or your name, etc. on it.

      If I go over 100 bucks on a rod I am starting to think about leaving it behind to an heir.

      Also these rods are amazing, I fished with one on my latest trip. I fought a 4 and a 5 foot spinner shark with it on 65lb braid and an Okuma ABF-65 and it was honestly plenty for it and with a 5 piece rod that is major impressive. They are under 100 bucks and the case is good enough to be checked as a bag stand alone. I tossed three total rods into a duffle with a bunch of gear and checked that. I am going to try to get some sort of MSB deal with these folks.

      The rods are fricken works of art from a craftsmanship stand point. The price seems low to me.