“Sand Salt Surf and Sun” – Wicking Fishing Shirts – Item of the Day — 2 Comments

  1. My dad swears by sun screen causing cancer. He wouldn’t use it and would get second degree burns on his nose. He hasn’t gotten skin cancer yet (he’s 70). Maybe he just won the genetic lottery (I hope I do too). We try to avoid sun screen and only use it when we know we will get burnt. I’ve heard bad sunburns are a bigger deal when you are young. Excited to hear today’s episode!

  2. Thanks Jack, I got a “fishing shirt” very similar to this as SWAG from a contractor at work and I love it, but haven’t been able to find something similar that I like. I just ordered a pair of these so we’ll see if they fit the bill.

    I have a half-dozen similar shirts (Resolution IIRC) from Eddie Bauer that I got to make layers during a trip to central Europe during Christmas time. They worked well and a lightweight and were pretty cheap, but they’re not near as comfy as that fishing shirt.