Mushroom House Dried Oyster Mushrooms – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. They are so easy to dehydrate i just wait to find them on sale and dry a bunch and vacuum seal them in jars.

    • You will never do it for less than this.

      Say they are on sale for 5 dollars a pound, stupid cheap. 4 pounds is 20 dollars.

      Now you add the energy to dehydrate them and your time. VS. 16 bucks and done. A pound of dried mushrooms is a LOT of mushrooms.

      And don’t vac seal mushrooms, just put them in a jar and let it be. Getting 100% moisture out of them is really hard and hence O2 free storage presents a botulism risk, a small one but one none the less.

      They just don’t require that anyway.