Demitri’s Bacon RimShot for Bloody Mary’s – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. Jack,

    You have got to try the different Demitir’s Bloody Mary Seasoning.  I am gluten intolerant so I had to avoid commercial bloody mary mixes because they all had wheat.  Demitir does not have wheat.  That first seasoning I tried was the Classic recipe and it blew me away with it’s richness and flavor.  However, since then I have tried all four flavors.  My favorite, because it is the spiciest, is “Chipotle Habanero”.  My favorite pre-mixed is “Charleston Mix Bloody Mary Bold & Spicy”.  I get the 8oz sizes so I don’t have to refrigerate an open bottle.

    • Leaning to the classic myself, I can always add spice but I can’t take it away. I don’t like a Bloody to be too spicy but I like to feel something is there at the same time. Love me some good horse radish in it. Horse radish is one of those things that even when it hits you hard, doesn’t linger a long time and persist.

    • Yea just awful, 6 Super Bowls, 8 AFC Championships and 23 division titles.  Yea just horrible I know.  LOL

      If you are a hater you are gonna hate, that’s what you do.