Litom Solar 20 LED Motion Sensing Security Light – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Curious what Steven Harris thinks about using these lights with the no-name brand (read cheap) 18650 battery mounted right on your house? Care to comment Steve?

  2. I have been looking into buying solar lights for two dark spots outside my house. After the good review I decided to purchase them. I first charged the batteries with my charger before installing the lights. I installed them yesterday afternoon and put them on setting 3 for it to only come on when it senses motion. When I came out to get into my car this morning (5am dark in SETX) they came on from well over 20ft. Very bright and made it easy to see. I am satisfied so far.

    • That’s good to hear. Why did you charge them? Does it suggest that you do so? It seems that letting them charge via solar would give a realistic test of the light ability. Just wondering.

  3. @ Zach, The reason I did so was because I didn’t know the state of the battery and I wanted them to work for when I went out to leave for work the next morning. I mounted them in the afternoon and they didn’t get any solar charge at that point. Still working as intended by the way.

  4. Good timing, Jack. We’ve had a couple of incidents of car break-ins recently in the area ( that as people who don’t lock their cars and kids rifle through them). I was able to install a hard wired motion light in the back of the house, but really didn’t want something like that in the front. Wiring was an issue as well. A couple of these should do the trick.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts.

  5. I bought these some time ago when they were featured. I wanted them for chicken tractors in the yard to hopeful discourage night time predators. They work so slick I’m thinking of adding several more around the home and farm.

  6. I put these in my garden area to scare away deer.  I forget they are there and the scare me when they come on and I’m around 30′ away.  So far I like them.