Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight – Item of the Day — 17 Comments

  1. These are awesome! I’ve used one in an industrial maintenance environment for over five years and the light is dependable, rugged and compact.

  2. I have two of these little lights and I never even know it’s in my pocket. When you need a quick light it’s always there. For the money it’s good times!

  3. I carry one daily in my lab coat at work. Its far brighter than the medical lights (oto/opthalmascope) provided in the rooms and helps me see clearer in the hectic ER environment. We aren’t permitted to carry defensive weapons in the ER – but this is just a light 😉

  4. I have used this for a couple of years since you talked about it on another show. Great little light and so compact. I have many others but carry this one most of the time. I work nights and use this every night. Great battery life too.

  5. These lights are great! I used mine for three years when I went back to bending wrenches, and now use it as a low-power option on duty with the police dept. As if Jack’s recommendation isn’t enough, I too fully recommend it!

  6. Every flashlight with an end switch that I’ve had that I kept in my pants pocket goes dead before I can use it.  The problem is, the switch gets inadvertently toggled on.  Anyone have a better experience with this item?

  7. Awesome.  Needed a last minute present for sister in law.  She’s a nurse and loves these for checking on patients without waking them.

  8. I like the one that takes only the (CR123) battery because it is shorter and clips inside the lame assed non pockets they put in girl jeans without risk of falling out.

  9. The MicroStream single AAA model is my EDC. It clips to a pocket or on the button line of your shirt and is amazingly bright for how small it is. I swear by them and also give them as Christmas gifts. It also makes much more sense to me as an EDC. You should include these as well on TSPAZ.

  10. Thank you Jack!  I have been trying to find a single triple A light to replace the Bushnell I lost and there it was under this item. Streamlight and usb rechargeable for 30 bucks and change. I will be ordering several more in non rechargeable soon too.

  11. Absolutely love this light! A family member pointed out yesterday (Christmas Night) that I was a “bad prepper” for not having it on me when I needed it. True and worth a chuckle, but it reminded me of a time i did have it…

    I was working 2nd shift at the time and it was always dark when I’d leave. I typically parked in the back of the lot which was towards the main road directly under a street light, line of hedges behind and to the right while seated in the car. Only tonight the building was having some electrical issues (poorly run/ maintained facility) and all of the street lights in the parking lot were out, roadway lights didn’t do much to help.

    I got in my car like always do, put on the belt and so on. Then I noticed a flash of movement in the rear view mirror and the hair was up on the back of my neck. No sidearm, not allowed to carry into the facility and for whatever reason I didnt have one in the car at that time. I did however have a Stylus light in the sheath it comes in tucked between the driver’s seat and the center console on my right.

    Without hesitating I drew it and held it as I would a pistol turning it on mid draw and pointing at the window. (Turning on a light or laser during the draw is something I’ve practiced for years if the weapon is so equipped.) I finished my draw right as some guy was facing my window with hands out towards my door. Those hands suddenly reached for the sky and he started yelling, ” I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just going to ask you for a ride the hospital!” (Wait?! What really, who does that in a dark parking lot in an industrial park.. riiiight) I kept it pointed at his face, don’t remember what I said/ yelled back, and he dropped his hands and ran back towards the road.

    This was a few years ago, actually received the light as a Christmas present after adding it to my TSPAZ list. I reported the incident to management who eventually fixed the lights. Didn’t report it to law enforcement. Never heard about the guy hanging around or harassing anyone else.

    Thanks for the recommendation Jack, it helped, Ya jerk…

  12. If you ask me how I know this, I won’t answer. But, this flash light can be run through multiple washing machine cycles and at least one dryer cycle and still function perfectly.