Nebo 6350 Larry Work Light – Item of the Day — 15 Comments

  1. I believe the description of the alum body and mag base is miss placed. Nebo also sells one that is aluminum and has a mag base its called the little larry.
    I own 2 of them and they rock for automotive work.

  2. These are also great for sticking (magnetic base model) on your work bench. I have a piece of metal from an older TV wall-mount that I placed on my work bench. It’s great when soldering to provide focused light on my electronics. I also use it on my drill press and various bench-top sanders. Highly recommended.

  3. I have the same design. We have them stuck next to the back door and next to the beds. They’re used almost every day. Very convenient, especially since they can be clipped to your shirt to leave your hands free.

  4. How many hours of use do you get from a standard set of AAAs? Looks like a great light, might even consider the Big Larry since it uses AAs like everything else I have for preps…

  5. 10-4, I see that now. The price on 4 is still good. Wally World also has them for 8.94 no tax, free shipping…

  6. I recently got the 4 pack. They are fantastic. One for my travel bag and one for each vehicle. I need another set for the house, my UTV and bug out bags. We’ll maybe I need 2 more sets, lol.

  7. I bought the 4-pack and they are awesome; BBQing late, cars, camping. They stand, clip, rest on their side – just a great broad range light.

  8. I bought one of these in a hardware store one day because it was named “Larry” (my name). It’s a great little light with a better-than-average design. I have maybe half a dozen of the standard little 1-inch diameter tube lights because they are just SO cheap, and I use them mostly. But this is actually the better product.

  9. Yes, I bought one of these because of your suggestion, and it’s fantastic!  I’m going to buy a few more (for me and as gifts).