IncuView All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator – Item of the Day — 12 Comments

  1. Jack, in the past you have recommended the Manna Pro Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator, how does this compare in your opinion?

    • Can’t go wrong with either. Both are great with trade offs I will cover in today’s show.

      Manna Pro is a bit easier to program, a bit more fiddly to add water to but doesn’t need opening to do it. IncuView has more capacity and works with even large eggs like goose which would be tight in the Harvest Right.

      I actually killed an IncuView after a LOT of use and mailing it around for years to share it. My recommendation for it proceeds the Manna Pro. I got that one instead of the IncuView because at the time the IncuView was about $225 (not on sale) and I like to test new items for you guys.

      On chickens hatch rates were almost 100% with both. Never tried duck eggs in the Manna but I would expect similar results with either. My duck eggs are generally about 70% fertile vs. near 100% with chickens. Right now I have 3 bantam chickens each on 8 duck’s eggs, things should get interesting in about 3 weeks when the chickens see their freak chicks. LOL

    • Don’t do it that way, eggs easily store for 12 days at room temp and don’t develop until incubated. Put them on the counter for 12 days or until you have as many as you want, then put them all in to start on the same day.

      Lots of reasons but the biggest one is lock down. For the last few days you don’t open it and no turning any more until hatch. The incubator here you program for days, like chickens 21 or ducks 27 and the machine knows when to stop turning.

    • Okay so Vevor does a LOT of things well, from my research incubators are not one of them. The reviews are bad and they are well done bad reviews, “not the mail man threw it over my fence into a puddle” bad, well thought out reviews that show they are just not really good tools.

      On the upside Inncubator Warehouse is sending me a free version of the latest one of these for eval, it is possible I may be able to work something out with them for a discount or something for you guys.

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