Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose – Item of the Day — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you for the info on this hose, Jack. I just purchased my POS on Sunday but have not used it yet. It is going back tomorrow!
    Like you, I looked at this hose and thought – that’s a good hose. (I also thought about something you said long ago about the importance of a quality hose.) Thought I had one here, but I reckon not. Thanks again, Jack and of course, thanks for all you do for your listeners.

  2. I haven’t tried the hoses you suggest, but I have been very pleased with my Eley hose reels and hoses. Made in the USA, stay very flexible, but about 1.5-2x (depending on hose material) the price of the hoses you suggest, so may not be worth it. I’ve been very impressed with their hose reels – very well made and have held up over the past 3 years (including tough Chicago winters).

  3. I just happen to work for THD and will not suggest anything but these hoses. I’ve slowly started replacing all my “plastic” hoses with these and will not buy anything else. The only problem I have is my store only carries them in 50′ and living on acreage, well you can see my delema. Overall though they are the best hoses out there.

    • Sadly I can’t find them in my local HD any longer, additionally on the HD website they show up, BUT there is now way to add them to the cart. I think you guys are phasing them out or something.

      As you said, nothing else is worth recommending. Those Contractor Farm brand HD started to carry recently are complete total shit.

  4. Are they potable water certified? Thanks
    Its not a deal breaker but it is nice to have

    • If you will be using a hose for drinking water, or watering an organic garden (plants can take up toxins), google “hose toxins” (or something like that), or read what Consumer Reports says about toxins in garden hoses. Even those white hoses for RV water lines are not toxin-free! We’ve learned to only buy “Water Right” hoses, and love them. They’re made of food-grade polyethylene, and different lengths come in different colors (you’d be surprised how handy that can be!). More info at They’re more expensive, but we figure our health is priceless!

      • Well if drinking water from a hose was harmful I would have been dead by 10 years of age.

        The key is simple run the water out of the hose before you collect it. Yes if it sits in the sun and cooks out shit it can be shady, but who drinks stale hose water.

        Now if you are using it to top off a potable water tank by all means get a food grade hose. But if you think I would not drink out of a hose when busting my ass in the heat, to turn a phrase, “You don’t know Jack”.

        • First story on hose toxins and what it attacks most? PVC?

          Gee um sorry to tell you but 90% of the water consumed in America passes though PVC pipe before consumed.

          Besides get a Berkey anyway.

        • For what it’s worth Jack, that PVC that supplies drinking water is under ground and out of reach of sunlight.

          Not paranoid about hose water personally, just pointing out that discrepancy.

  5. I have worked on horse farms since I was 12 and learned the importance of a good hose a long time ago. I take extra care in rolling,draining and basic handling to help the good ones last longer. Thanks for all your suggestions and hands on feedback Jack. I am a new listener and appreciate your passion.

  6. I really suggest you look at Dramm hose, I won’t buy another brand of hose. Was at a nursery I frequent and finally said what are these hoses cause I was sick of all the other brands. He told me it was a Dramm and have been purchasing them ever since.

  7. As to the 25 ft hose, yeah, the pricing is odd, but we had one in the shop for washing parts when they came out of the Chem vat. Man, if like the flow from the 75 ‘ hose, you should see it from the 25’ A great hose at your work station is priceless.

    • You know I need a 25 footer in the aviary a 50 is just too long inside there. Torn between getting the 25 or buying the 50, cutting it in half and putting new fittings on it.

      Yea the flow is insane cuts my morning time with filling duck pools but at least half.

  8. We needed a new hose, so my wife came home with a cheap Walmart green kink-o-matic. I remembered your podcast about this and said “No way. I’ll get a hose for us” Came in here and found the TSPAZ link and just placed my order. Thanks!!

  9. Bought this hose last time he posted it. I guess it’s slightly better than others but still kinks.

  10. Amazon delivered the 50 ft version today. Seemed like a quality product, and picked it up at the $30 sale price to boot. But it leaks horribly at the coupling by the spigot connection, wetting me and wasting water. Returned same day. Not impressed.

    • I have sold well over a thousand and first complaint, likely a bad washer or it simply was not seated right.

  11. I haven’t had any kinks with this hose, so that’s great but every single faucet I’ve attached to it has leaked (2 different faucets and 1 sprinkler). I have no clue what I’m doing wrong.

    • Are you tightening enough. Take a pair of channel locks and turn a quarter turn past what you can do with your hands. I guess there is always a possibility you got one with old or bad hose washers. Try replacing them. You should always have them on hand btw.

      Never had this issue and I must have 8 of these hoses. Never heard anyone else say they have it and have sold high hundreds of them, may be over a thousand by now.

  12. hi jack can you link to the setup for this hose? cant find anywhere… thanks

    • I guess you mean when I discussed it on air a while back, can’t remember what episode.

      Short version,

      1. Hook up to nozzle on female end
      2. Unroll hand over hand like a it is coming of a reel and lay it strait out, if you don’t have enough space go as far as you can and then make a gentle curve coming back
      3. Run water through it for a few moments to soften it.
      4. Attach a hose end spray nozzle of some kind and open it
      5. Run water a bit then close the hose end nozzle with the pressure on the hose
      6. Kill the hose bib pressure but leave the hose full and pressured while laid out all day long
      7. You’re done, now when putting it way coil it in big coils, if you are not happy with the lack of memory repeat til you are.

      Good for any hose that is not a piece of shit, we should teach shit like this in middle school.