JB Weld WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. Anybody remember PC7? Same kind of tube, same 2 different ends to hand mix, hardware stores used to have glass pop bottle displays on their check out counters with about every concievable material stuck all around the bottle as a demo, any relation?

  2. Jack, I have old rain gutters that have joints every 10 feet that I have tried different things on, over the years, to keep from leaking. Do you think this stuff would work well here?

    • It should but I am not sure it will be cost effective depending on the quantity required. I would try fixing one and see if it make sense.

  3. I once used a similar product, from large cans, to patch a hole in the deck of a tug boat. Got us home from Alaska to Seattle in heavy rains and seas. If it’s cold, a few seconds in the microwave can make it more pliable.

  4. This stuff saved our fiberglass bath tub. At first it didn’t hold, but I did it a second time and I cut a bunch of tiny fibers off of a nylon rope and mixed it into the epoxy and it now works beautifully.