Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Vacuum – Item of the Day — 2 Comments

  1. note to fish tank people. I use to be hard core into the hobby for several years. I rarely changed water except for emergencies. The secret is plants. Keep the fish well fed and you will keep the plants well fed. The plants eat the fish waste and whatever food the fish don’t eat. Easiest plant to use is “java fern”. I had a tank like that that lasted over a decade until my dog must have ran into it when I had it outside after moving to the country. Only mechanics in it was an air pump to create water movement and aeration. I had other tanks that didn’t even have that and sat in the window sill for lighting.

    • That is all good and well UNLESS you have fish that destroy plants. Like say Talipia. They eat most plants and pull out any that they don’t want to eat.

      Long term I plan to have 4, five gallon tanks above my stack with duck weed in all of them, two plumbed with over flows to each of the two 55s. That should do a lot and give me a place to breed minnows and mosquito fish at the same time.

      One tank is going to always be for breeding tilapia, the other will soon be a classic community tank, then I can start planting it. More tanks are coming BTW! A stack of 40s and a stack of 29s.